War Heroes of India

“If death strikes before I prove my blood, I swear, I will kill death”

These were the words spoken by Capt. Manoj Kumar Pandey, PVC, 1/11 Gorkha Rifles, who was among the war heroes of India, who had sacrificed their lives for the nation.  People, in today’s day and age, revere the celebrities  who act in films and series and often forget the people who put their lives in danger in order to protect the honor of the nation. The people who entertain them are considered as heroes and the people who protect them don’t even get the recognition and honor, they deserve. The Media’s prime focus is always on portraying the lives of the so called “celebrities”. They telecast each and every step of theirs . On the other hand, the stories of the war heroes are  only telecasted on days like Vijay Diwas, Independence Day and Republic Day. People have forgotten the contribution of war heroes of the nation.  So, in this blog, I am going to give you brief description of some of the war heroes of the India.

1962 War heroes of India

 In 1962,  China had waged war against India, in order to capture the Tibet. The war had lasted for a month. Hundreds of Indian soldiers had sacrificed their lives in order to safeguard the honor of the nation. Let’s have a look at stories of some of those war heroes.

Major Shaitan Singh

The first name that pops in people’s minds when they talk about Rezang La war is of Major Shaitan Singh. Major was  born on December 1924, in the town of Jodhpur to a military family. His father, Lt. Col Singh had given his services during the World War I. He was awarded Order of British Empire (OBE) by the British Government.

In the year 1949, Major Shaitan Singh joined the Jodhpur State forces as an officer. When Jodhpur became the part of the Indian subcontinent, he became the part of the Indian Armed forces. He took his last breath at the age of 37, in the year 1962.

Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat, MVC

The valor and strength that Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat had possesses during the India-China war was commendable. Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat was born on 19 August 1941 in the town of Pauri in Garhwal, Uttarakhand. He joined Indian Army at the tender age of 19. He was recruited in 4 Garhwal rifles of Garhwal Regiment.

During the 1962 war, his battalion was deployed in the NEFA region. When the soldiers of his regiment were requested to back off , he refused and fought till his last breath. He fought for three days and almost to the last man. Rfn. Singh was awarded with MaharVir Chakra for his strength, valor, bravery and sacrifice.

1965 War heroes of India

 1965 Indo-Pak war was the second war fought between India and Pakistan for the territory of Kashmir. The war started after Operation Gibraltar. Its mission was to send infiltrators in the territory of Kashmir to attack the soldiers and capture the disputed land of Kashmir. Pakistan’s efforts went futile as it wasn’t able to capture Kashmir. India was able to save its honor because of these war heroes who fought valiantly. Let’s have a look at the stories of some of them.

Lt. Col AB Tarapore, PVC

Lieutenant Ardeshir Burzorji Tarapore was born in Mumbai in 1940. Colonel was born into the family of the great warrior Ratanjiba, an armed personnel in the Shivaji Maharaja’s Army. Shivaji Maharaj had rewarded her with villages for her exemplary skills, courage and valor. One of the villages was Tarapore and that’s how family’s last name became Tarapore.

Colonel didn’t have proclivity towards academics but was an exemplary sportsperson.

In 1940, after completing his matriculation he joined Officer’s Training Academy in Golconda and got commissioned in Hyderabad’s Army. In 1951, he got commissioned in Poona horse Regiment. He got his promotions and eventually became the Commanding officer.

In 1965, when Pakistan waged war against India, Colonel fought valiantly. He took his last breath on the battlefield. He was awarded with India’s highest gallantry honor, ParamVir Chakra for his indomitable spirit, unsurmountable courage and bravery.

Major Bhupinder Singh, MVC

Major Bhupinder Singh was born on 1928 in the Rupnagar district of Punjab. He was son of Shri Sajjan Singh. Major got deployed in the Hodson Horse in 1949. By the year 1965, he had been promoted to the rank of Major.

During the Indo-Pak war, Major’s battalion got deployed in the Punjab Sector.

Major fought with Pakistani forces in battle of Phillora in the Sialkot sector. It was a major engagement between two neighboring nations. He also fought in the battle of Sardorke on 19th September. He got fatal injuries in this battle, due to which he was sent to the hospital. He got succumbed to his injuries on 3rd October 1965.

He was awarded with MahaVir Chakra posthumously for his utmost dedication, bravery and valor.

1965 war hero of India

1971 War heroes of India

The 1971 war or the Bangladesh-liberation war was the third war between the neighboring countries- India and Pakistan. This war lead to partition of East and West Pakistan. East Pakistan, went on to become Bangladesh. India was able to win the war due to the war heroes that ferociously on the border. Let’s have a look at stories of some of them.

Flying officer Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon, PVC

Flying officer Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon is the only officer of the Indian Air force to get conferred with India’s highest gallantry award, ParamVir Chakra.

He was born in the village of Isewal, in Ludhiana, Punjab. Officer was the son of Flight Lieutenant Trilok Singh Sekhon. He was commissioned into Air force in 1967 at the post of Pilot officer.

He completed his schooling from Ludhiana and went on to pursue Engineering degree. He left his degree midway to join the Indian Air force. He was deployed in the Indian Air Force in 1967. After rigorous training, he was commissioned in No.18 Squadron which was also known as “Flying Bullets”.

In accordance to the agreement, there were not any  defense aircrafts that were based at Srinagar, until war was waged. Hence the officer was not accustomed to the  climate of Kashmir.

Nevertheless, his battalion, fought with the Pakistan’s aircraft with valor and determination.

In December 1971, Srinagar airfield was attacked by six Pakistan Air Force F-86 Squadron from PAF base of Peshawar. While fighting with the aircrafts, got hit and hence was advised to return to the base. But due to failure of the control system, his plummeted down and crashed. He tried to eject himself, but wasn’t able to due to certain technical glitches.
Officer took his last breath on the battlefield. He was awarded with India’s highest gallantry award ParamVir Chakra posthumously.

1971 war hero of India

Brigadier Kuldip Singh Chandpuri MVC,VSM

Brigadier Kuldip Singh Chandpuri, was the hero of the Battle of Longewala. The 1997 film “Border” was based on the Battle of Longewala, where the role of Brigadier was portrayed by Sunny Deol. Brigadier was born in Montgomery, Punjab. The region which now belongs to Pakistan.

He was an active member of the NCC. He had cleared all of his exams while pursuing his graduation from Government college in Hoshiarpur. He was the third generation in his family who have been deployed in the Indian Armed forces.

In 1963, Brigadier got commissioned in the Officers’ Training Academy located in Chennai. He got deployed in the 3rd Battalion of Punjab, which was among the oldest and most celebrated regiments of the Indian Army.

He fought against the Pakistani military personnel in 1965 Indo-Pak war.  After that he gave his services in UNEF in Gaza for a year.He was a major in 23 Punjab regiment during the Battle of Longewala in 1971.

He fought ferociously in the war. India won the war. He was conferred with India’s second highest Gallantry award, MahaVir Chakra. He was battling cancer. He died at the age of 77 in Mohali, Punjab.

1971 war hero of India

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